Refer to the units in the Consortium Organization that shall focus on the three regional thematic areas:

Research and Development Cluster (RDC)

RDC spearheads the development of Annual Work and Financial Plan of the Consortium. Also, the Cluster coordinates the regional prioritization of training needs, R&D activities, and research priority commodities, which will be reviewed and recommended to the RRDCC for its development as a potential Regional R&D program. Hence, coordinates with CMIs in the collection and submissions of R&D data.

Technology Transfer Cluster (TTC) 

TTC facilitates the initiative on technology dissemination and packaging for commercialization activities, coordinates training and  other related activities concerning technology promotion and utilization and promotes robust participation of government, non-government, and other stakeholders in the application of innovative technologies for higher productivity and profitability.

Knowledge Management Cluster (KMC)

KMC gathers and consolidates information from CMI R&D activities and other related S&T activities, coordinates the development of different strategies and time-tested platforms to share and put into effective use the various science-based technology, information, and IEC of the Consortium. Further, coordinates the planning, development, implementation, and the maintenance of the regional Management Information System (MIS) programs.